• Question: Strong sweating?


It can be an illness of many diseases. It is more common in acute pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, cancer, diabetes. Required: chest x-ray, spirogram, blood sugar, blood count.

  • Q: I am often sick and afraid to take the drug without a prescription, I have an intolerance of many drugs, mainly broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Answer: It is observed more frequently in patients with lowered immunity, allergies, bronchitis, bronchial astma. Requires general analysis of blood count of eosinophils, spirogram.

  • Q: Disturbs the pain in the heart, then stabbing, then aching, sometimes clutching a shortage of air, lasting a few minutes, sometimes for hours. Sometimes, being alone, sometimes it is necessary to contact validol, if nitroglycerin.

Answer: You need to consult a cardiologist for inspection and examination and exclusion of chronic tonsillitis, goiter. Or maybe you have a real coronary heart disease, which can be complicated by myocardial infarction. We need to do an electrocardiogram, to donate blood for the prothrombin index, cholesterol and low density. Complaints of pain in the heart, aching, stabbing with a lack of air or without radiating to the back, left arm, left shoulder, accompanied by palpitations, intermittent. How long it lasts? The removed? What preceded the appearance of the pain? Were there such or similar pain before? Chest pain: bursting, pressing, feeling short of breath, fear of death. Then there are the pain (physical activity, after the excitement, for no reason). The removed or reduced such pains.

  • Q: Concerned about pain above the vagina, frequent urination and fatigue. What to do?

Answer: Such situations occur more frequently in men aged 18-40 years. It is necessary to think if there was a young man of prostatitis, it is necessary to conduct a survey: rectal examination of the prostate, prostate secretion analysis, ultrasound examination of the prostate and kidney. In the future, need to be treated at the urologist within 10-14 days, as drug and prostate massage, if necessary – physiotherapy.

  • Q: A few years plagued by constipation. Analyses of all normal. What is the reason?

Answer: Constipation Statistics found in 46% of women. Very often the cause of constipation has no organic pathology, the reason may be unbalanced diet (low fat), low drinking regime, low physical activity. Accordingly, we recommend: 1) 1.5-2 liters of fluid a day (in the absence of kidney disease), 2) must be included in the diet of vegetables, fruits 3) bakery products from bran flour 4) dairy products. In the absence of the effect of the mandatory consultation with a specialist is needed, because the disease is of the gastrointestinal tract and other organs and systems, very much. Identify the true cause of constipation only by a doctor.

  • Q: Often worried about heartburn, drink a solution of baking soda, but the effect is temporary. What is better to do?

Answer: There is a misconception that soda solution reduces heartburn, but it is very detrimental effect on the gastric mucosa. Furthermore, absolutely it has no therapeutic effect. Heartburn occurs in people with a weak gastroesophageal sphincter when acidic stomach contents into the esophagus and irritates the nerve endings there. Therefore, logically it is not always an indicator of a high gastric secretion. Therefore, this is not always shown medications to reduce acidity. Do not take uncontrolled drugs (especially soda), I do not advise the pharmacy – the effect may be temporary. Go to the doctor.